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I am a Hawaii native and know all the most wonderful, exciting dream fulfilling boat and helicopter tours throughout all the islands.  I will provide you with detailed insider information!  Remember when calling for tour information to let me know if there are children, elderly, or persons with special needs. This will help me to determine the best tour to fulfill your vacation dreams.

We have been providing Helicopter tours for Hawaii visitors since 1983. Longer than any activity agency!

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This is our focus, and to accomplish all three, you would need to: be CEO of a Helicopter Tour Company, be a Helicopter reservationist and work in the Helicopter Tour maintenance department.

Bob, a principal with this company, was the CEO of one of the first HELICOPTER tour companies in Hawaii.  Heather, the President of Fantasy Islands, was the reservationists for one of the first Helicopter Tour providers and grew up in the business. We are intimately familiar with the owners of the Helicopter companies, all the different helicopter tours, lengths, seating, noise, safety, weather, viewing, pricing, helicopter models, changes, landing, FAA, and we can say after 27 years of putting visitors on helicopters we are experts in making visitors’ dreams come true.

We are simply the best and there is no substitute for experience.  We have been in the business of providing Helicopter tours for Hawaii visitors since 1983. Longer than any activity agency!

Book your helicopter tour online NOW and save 15%!


Special - Limited Time ONLY - $99.00
($130.13 includes tax & fuel charge) For this special - only direct calls for reservation will be taken.

Experience the Best of Maui for less!  Carved out over centuries by wind and rain, the deep valleys and steep ridges of the ancient West Maui Mountains are truly “The Lost World” – and just minutes away by the heliport.  You may also see Haleakala crater, Maui’s dormant volcano and take in the panoramic views of Maui from the summit. Both of these tours are available.
Tour Duration:  30 minutes each

Hana & Haleakala - BOOK NOW - $178.45/person (Fare $135.00+tax)
You will have the incredible experience of flying in a helicopter over the most incredible terrain and features in the world. You will experience:
rainforest to desert
dormant volcanoes to the shore
sea cliffs and remote valleys
spectacular waterfalls
the fantastic east Maui rugged coastline
historic towns

The experienced pilots provide narration with a rich history and knowledge of the islands. This flight covers the most requested sights on Maui, including:
Haleakala Crater
the tropical Hana rain forest
Tour Duration: 40-45 minutes.
Fee:  $262.50/person (Fare $210.00+18% fuel surcharge)

Heather’s Hints: Weights need to be reported with everything going with you on your flight such as clothing, cameras, glasses wallets, small purse, shoes and so on. Better to aim high to avoid weight discrepancies.

West Maui/Moloka'i “Special” - BOOK NOW - $177.53/person (Fare $135.00+tax)
This incredible 45 minute flight includes sights that are inaccessible by land:
the deep valleys and razorback ridges of the majestic West Maui Mountains
the Grand Views of Molokai’s sea cliff and towering waterfalls on the North Shore
The best for less! You will see a hidden interior, unreachable and unseen... except by Helicopter.
Tour Duration:  40-45 minutes
Fee:  $205.00/person (Fare $205.00+18% fuel surcharge)

Complete Island - BOOK NOW - $256.93/person (Fare $200.00+tax)
Maui No Ka Oi! (Maui Is The Best) Explore the best of the East and West:
Haleakala Crater
tropical rainforest
huge waterfalls and deep valleys of the West Maui Mountains

Take in the highlights of West Maui with its lush hidden valleys, rugged and untamed coastline, prehistoric-like jungle vegetation, and spectacular panoramic views combined with majestic views of:
Haleakala Crater
Seven Pools
Thee Hana’s Rain Forest
You will experience all of Maui’s most memorable sights that can only be seen by Helicopter.
Tour Duration:  60-65 minutes
Fee:  $337.50/person (Fare $270.00+18% fuel surcharge)

West Maui & Moloka’i - BOOK NOW - $256.00/person (Fare $200.00+tax)
This helicopter takes off exclusively for you to:
Explore the remote valleys and plunging waterfalls of the West Maui Mountains
then cross the Pailolo Channel and whale watch, (in season)
and see the magnificent sea cliffs (highest in the world), valleys and waterfalls on Molokai’s isolated north shore.

Spectacular waterfalls cascade thousands of feet into the ocean below. Moloka’is spectacular north shore is home to the worlds tallest sea cliffs towering 3,000 feet from the top to the shore. Along its coast, you’ll discover the Kalaupapa Peninsula where Father Damien aided so many with Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy). Discover Hawaii’s tallest waterfalls along Moloka’is remote and isolated North Shore and See Father Damien’s monument at Kalaupapa before returning through the heart of the West Maui Mountains. Lush and hidden valleys and towering waterfalls provide stunning scenery for one of the most spectacular aerial tours on earth.
Tour Duration:  60-65 minutes
Fee:  $256.00/person (fare surcharge)
An Air Maui Exclusive!

Heather’s Hints: Wear a dark colored shirt to
 reduce glare on the plexiglass windows when taking photos.

Specialty Tours & Private Charters - Your Dreams Will Become a Reality!
We offer personalized private charters. Let us show you the best sites on our one hour private charter or we can customize to your needs. Call Heather for complete information. We will take you away to anywhere you wish to go in Hawaii.  Our specialty is to provide a custom tour for that special occasion. Specialty tours and private charters is a favorite for:
golfing expeditions
photo shoots.

In-flight DVD
DVDs are available for all flights. Our Multi-vision flight video system records each flight utilizing four state-of-the-art video cameras. Each flight is fully narrated and choreographed to the scenery.
DVD: $49.95

Terms and Conditions
Minimum 24 hour cancellation notice required for refund. For groups of 12 or more, minimum cancellation notice is 7 days in advance. Cancellations: No refunds within 24 Hours of flight. Flight routes and site may vary due to weather conditions and/or passenger weight reporting discrepancies. 30 min check-in prior to all flights is required. Comfort seat charge for passengers 240lbs. and over, or combined weights of 420lbs per couple. Prices and fuel surcharge rate subject to change.

Directions to Kahului Heliport:
From Lahaina/Ka’anapali: Hwy. 30 to Hwy. 380. Turn right and drive 6 miles to Hwy 36. Turn right and drive 2 miles to Hwy.37. Turn left and drive straight into Heliport.

From Kihei/Wailea: Hwy. 31 to Hwy. 311 to Hwy. 380. Turn right and drive 1 mile to Hwy 36. Turn right and drive 2 miles to Hwy.37. Turn left and drive straight into Heliport.

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Jaws December 7, 2009

Following is a video clip from the Peahi lookout of the biggest swell since the 1960's!


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